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PerfecDraw now distributed in SA

We are happy to announce that AmanoCigars have partnershiped with PerfecDraw to import and distribute their cigar accessories which will change the way cigar smokers smoke!

Their available products for sale:

  • PerfecDraw Tool

  • PerfecRepair

  • PerfecPak

Check them out below:


PerfecDraw Tool

  • Winner of the Cigar Trophy Award for Best Accessory of 2018. The Cigar Trophy is considered the top international product award in the cigar industry, based solely on the voting of cigar lovers like you.

  • USA Patented & International Patent Pending PerfecDraw removes small bits of tobacco exactly where needed to correct the cause of the tight draw.

  • Creates the “perfect draw” on cigars with a tight draw; and takes an “acceptable draw”, or even “good draw”, to your own personal idea of a “perfect draw” – every cigar, every time.

  • Compact design easily fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit, and works great as a nubber.



  • The Patented PerfecRepair glues down a lifting or unraveling cigar wrapper instantly and securely. It is the only product of its kind.

  • Seals any crack, hole or lifted edge of the wrapper causing minor and even major air leaks through the sides of a cigar instantly, with no taste and no effect on smokability of the cigar.

  • Absolutely safe – 100% natural, food-grade products sourced from USA.

  • Compact 3ml bottle easily and comfortably fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit. Good for 80 average repairs. A little goes a long way!

  • Same glue used when making cigars. Microscopic cellulose fibers instantly crisscross to form a seal over any crack or hole in the wrapper.



The PerfecPak Compact Cigar Accessories Case is very small, compact and easy to carry, but it easily holds a large number of various cigar accessories. And that’s why we call it the “Little Giant”.

  • 3 orange satin drawstring bags are included to protect your most treasured cigar accessories.

  • Beautiful leather grain pattern.

  • Elegant 3D logo stitched on.

  • Large gauge, super-durable zipper.

  • Elegant 3D logo zipper pull-tab.

  • Inside velvet lining.

  • Industrial strength black canvas material stitched around the edges, stitched on with heavy gauge nylon thread for exceptional durability.

  • 2 elastic straps to help hold your accessories properly in place.

  • The zipper is stitched in a way to allow expansion to carry even more, or larger, accessories when desired.

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