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Best Cigars of 2017 by Cigar Aficionado

The Best 25 Cigars are out by Cigar Aficionado, and here is the full list. The cigars that are in red and have a description are cigars that we stock and are available in South Africa. #1 Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark #2 Padron Serie 1926 No. 2 (Natural) It’s important to consider Padrón’s résumé before lighting up this resplendent cigar. Padrón has been named Cigar of the Year three times (the current record holder). The Serie 1926 cigar has occupied the No. 2 spot twice. And a Padrón cigar has been in the top 10 ever since Cigar Aficionado has been handing out its Cigar of the Year Awards (since 2004). So the Padrón Serie 1926 No. 2 is more than merely a great cigar—it’s a lega


The time is here for the long awaited announcements of the cigars of the year! Cigar Journal has just released their list, and without a suprise the best cigar this year goes again to My Father Cigars. #1 | MY FATHER THE JUDGE GRAND ROBUSTO José Pepin Garcia – respectfully called Don Pepin – is a name known to friends of the cigar all over the world. And rightly so. Born in 1950, he left his homeland of Cuba in 2002 to go first to the United States (from 2003), and then to try his luck in Nicaragua – with resounding success. In 2009, he started his company My Father Cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua, and opened an impressive factory. Together with his son, Jaime, and daughter, Janny Garcia, he cre

Tube Storage

I just bought a box of tubos and I am wondering if it is OK to store them outside of my humidor? You shouldn't. Don't trust the tubes. Cigar tubes are wondrous devices, and when properly sealed at the factory they'll keep a cigar moist outside of a humidor for quite some time. Problem is, they're not always properly sealed. Good cigar merchants will allow a shopper to open a box of cigars before buying, to examine the contents. A well-versed aficionado might open a tubed cigar to take a peek inside, then reclose the tube. Now that the factory seal has been broken, the tube won't be as effective at keeping the cigar moist should it leave the humidor. Even if the box hasn't been opened, there'

Cigar Anatomy

Learning some cigar anatomy and what makes up a cigar will give you a better understanding and appreciation of cigars. In addition, knowing what makes up a cigar will make your smoking experience more enjoyable. You'll find it very beneficial in becoming familiar with its structure and construction to see what goes in the process of making these "work of arts." The Structure of a Cigar CAP A small, round piece of wrapper leaf attached to the head of a cigar. The purpose of the cap is to secure the wrapper. HEAD The closed end of a cigar. The head of a handmade cigar must be clipped or cut about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch down (about 2-3 millimetres) before the foot is lit. CIGAR BAND The label

Our New website

After some time, we have finally launched our new website. Our website was attacked, so we decided it was time for a new fresh look. We will have some changes done down the line.


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