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Plasencia Cigars

A brand that has been producing cigar tobacco leaves since 1865. Yes, that long!

They produce tobacco for around 300 different cigar brands.

In 2015 Plasencia became the largest grower of tobacco in the world with more than 6,000 employees, 4 factories, and 8 plantations in Honduras and Nicaragua, producing 40 million cigars a year.

2017 was the year that they decided to launch their own brand, and boy oh boy... delicious cigars!!

The Reserva Organica is 100% organically grown and they are the only brand with certification to prove it.

We are very pleased to become the Plasencia's exclusive importer and distributor for South Africa.

Below are the lines we will be carrying and as the sizes.

Plasencia Reserva Original has the very same taste that captivated the Europeans more than five centuries ago, when they arrived in the New World. It features notes of nuts, fruits, and caramel with delicate nuances of marzipan and final hints of cedar.

Ranges available:

Robusto (120mm x 52)


Piramide (157mm x 52)

Sampler of 6


Plasencia Reserva 1898 vaunts its goodness in every way. The leaves are derived from the finest tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and Honduras. The result is a full-flavored delight, with chocolate notes hitting the palate at first. This flavor profile is laced with hints of walnut, dried figs and leather, followed by subtle notes of pepper.

Ranges available:

Salomon (152mm x 54)

Sampler of 12


Plasencia Alma del Campo, a complex smoke with a perfect balance delivering notes of coffee and nuts. A very creamy cigar with a touch of spice. The finish leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

The Cigar boxes brings a beautiful ashtray as you can see below.

Ranges available:

Guajiro - Robusto Gordo (132mm x 54)

Madroño - Gordo (165mm x 58)


Plasencia Alma Fuerte, a unique blend of our best-aged tobaccos, grown in our highest quality soil, accentuating their bold, vibrant and intense flavors. Laced with hints of dark chocolate, plum, and cinnamon, the taste is rounded out with finishing notes of oak and molasses.

The Cigar boxes brings a beautiful ashtray as you can see below.

Ranges available:

Generación V - Salomón (177mm x 58)

Néstor IV - Toro (158mm x 54)

Sixto II - Hexágono (152mm x 60)


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