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New Alec Bradley's cigars!

We have new additions on our Alec Bradley Range and we are so excited that we need to share this information with you!

Prensado Lost Art

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art are the newest 2017 released cigar by Alec Bradley, a premium line-extension to the world renowned 96-rated & Cigar of the Year 2011: Alec Bradley Prensado!

The Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art cigars sport a rich & oily Honduran Corojo leaf wrapper that is beautifully box-pressed encasing a premium Nicaraguan & Honduran tobacco long-filler blend and a unique dual Nicaraguan & Honduran binder.

These meticulously hand crafted Prensado Lost Art cigars are flawlessly constructed offering deliciously flavorful medium to full bodied notes of smooth leather, chocolate, espresso, earthy tobacco & wood, with a sweet caramel & creamy finish.

Sizes available: Robusto, Gran Toro, Churchill, Double T

Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Honduras, Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

Medium to Full flavour

Black Market Esteli

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli is the newest 2017 released premium cigar by Alec Bradley Cigars, debuting at the IPCPR 2017 the Black Market Esteli was immediately a popular addition to the 90-rated original Honduran rolled Alec Bradley Black Market cigars.

The new Black Market Esteli off-spin blend incorporates & compliments on those popular core flavors of the original with the addition of four Central American tobaccos known for full flavored sweet & spicy attributes.

The Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli is hand crafted in Nicaragua using an aged dark Nicaraguan wrapper encasing a dual Nicaraguan & Honduran binder with Nicaraguan & Honduran long-fillers for a rich medium-full body Cuban-style smoking cigar with complex tasting notes of earth, pepper, coffee sweet cashews & cream.

Sizes available: Robusto, Torpedo, Gordo

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras

Filler: Nicaragua

Medium to Full flavour

Tempus Natural

A 94-rated masterpiece.

Here it is, quite possibly the crowning achievement of Alec Bradley Cigars. Tempus is truly boutique, right down to the tobaccos used. The Habano-seed wrapper hails from a small tobacco field located on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, capturing the rich, hearty flavors of Honduras. This leaf is dark and leathery, and conceals a complex mixture of Cuban-seed long-fillers grown in both Nicaragua and Honduras. The cigar explodes with rich, but smooth flavors noting toasted wood and nuts. The finish is long and peppery with an enjoyable sweetnes​s.

The Magistri is a special size produced in limited quantities. Only 1,000 boxes were produced total, and each of these perfectos utilize a higher priming wrapper that is darker in color.

Thanks to numerous well-deserved '94' ratings, the Alec Bradley Tempus was named the #5 Cigar of 2017. The reviews noted, "Dark and attractive with an effortless draw, this cigar produces a rich, semisweet smoke, leaving balanced impressions of wood and nuts. Big, delicious flavor."

Sizes available: Centuria

Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Hondura, Nicaragua

Medium to Full flavour

Taste of the World Winter Collection

A great sampler for a quick smoke filled with flavour. The sampler includes:

1 – Alec Bradley Connecticut Nano 1 – Alec Bradley Black Market Punk 1 – Alec Bradley Mundial Punta Lanza No. 4 1 – Alec Bradley Black Market Chunk 1 – Alec Bradley Nica Puro Rosado Bajito 1 – Alec Bradley Maxx Nano

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